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The Destination for canine wellness

Discover The Shed, a premium dog wellness centre in the heart of our village. From expert grooming, agility, exercise, to specialised physiotherapy, we ensure your canine companion’s holistic well-being is taken care of.




Fiona prioritises humane, gentle dog grooming focused on comfort and wellbeing. With over a decade of experience, she takes time to establish trust, going at each dog’s pace, ensuring a positive, stress-free experience. She uses safe, innovative tools like ultrasonic dental cleaners and hand dries dogs to avoid overheating.

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HKM dog


Nurture your dog’s physical wellness with specialised sessions. Restore their vitality, enhance mobility, and alleviate discomfort, ensuring a happier and healthier life. With a tailored approach and compassionate care, Holly, Karen and Miche are dedicated to helping your furry companion thrive. 


Vulcan vet


Vulcan Veterinary Physiotherapy understands the importance of your dog’s health. Dedicated to offering exceptional care, Leah’s specialised physiotherapy services aim to protect, rehabilitate and optimise your canine family member’s overall well-being, ensuring they can enjoy every activity, from leisurely walks to competitive sports.

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With convenience of shampoo, herbal rinses, conditioner and a warm water facility, the easy-to-use self-service station ensures a hassle-free and efficient way to keep your adventure-loving dog clean and fresh, complete with a drying option for a satisfying experience.


there's more..

Book fly-ball, agility, and training classes, or join our insightful workshops and talks. Our versatile event space also offers body composition scans and is available for hire. Embrace a happier, healthier journey with your beloved canines at The Shed.

grooming packages

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Get your Canine a Full groom, including a non-Veterinary health check, Wash and dry, Full styling of coat and finish, Nail and Ear Maintenance. 

Teeth cleaning can also be added on to a full groom at a supplement.  


teeth cleaning

Dental hygiene procedure which uses an Ultrasonic system which is silent and vibration free. Emits nano-bubbles which help to remove plaque, tartar, bacteria and impurities from the Teeth and Gums.

No use of Sharp tools or invasive procedures like at the Vet dental check.

Results in Cleaner teeth, a healthy mouth and fresher breath.

(1st Appointment £45.00 to include Brush head and Toothpaste)


Wash & dry

To keep your canine fresh and clean.

Can be booked in between full groom appointments to maintain general wellness and hygiene of your canines’ coat


puppy intro

These visits are designed to make the Groomer a positive place for your puppy by exposing them to the process early in life.

This includes a gentle puppy wash and dry and focusses on important areas that will need to be maintained including Paws, Nails, Ears, Hygiene trim and a Brush through the Coat.


Fiona believes in putting humanity before vanity when it comes to dog grooming. Fiona takes a gentle, patient approach focused entirely on your dog’s comfort and wellbeing.

Fiona is a qualified groomer with over a decade of experience. She takes the time to get to know each dog, going at their pace and giving breaks as needed. Rushing through the process can create anxiety and a negative experience for dogs. Fiona’s top priority is keeping them relaxed and stress-free.She uses safe, innovative tools like ultrasonic dental cleaners to clean teeth thoroughly while being gentle on gums. Good dental health is so important for dogs’ overall wellbeing.

Fiona dries each dog patiently by hand, avoiding potential overheating from dryer cabinets. Their comfort comes first, always. Her grooming philosophy centres on open communication with owners about any issues discovered, transparency, and ensuring every dog leaves happy after a positive experience.

At The Shed, we believe proper grooming goes beyond vanity. It’s about establishing trust with dogs, handling them humanely, and tending to all aspects of their health and hygiene. Please get in touch with Fiona to learn more about her gentle, thoughtful approach.

We look forward to giving your dog the best grooming experience possible.

the next steps

All of our services start with a complimentary, no-obligation, phone call.  From there we can decide if we need to meet you and your dog, or if you can get straight into the Shed.

Step 1


Have a quick chat with our team about the services you’re interested in, introduce your dog to us and we’ll run you through how we can help.

Step 2


Arrange a complimentary meet and greet at The Shed. This is where you get to meet us and we get to know you and your dog.

Step 3


Book a service at a time to suit you and your dog’s needs. When finished, don’t forget to take a photo!

Step 4


Let’s keep in touch, with our monthly events, activities and workshops. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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